Try These Activities When You Get a Chance!

In all of these activities, the objective is to stretch yourself creatively. Try your best to free yourself from hang ups and blocked thinking. But, most of all have fun.

Unexpected Chimney
Sometimes creative ideas can be sparked by odd juxtapositions. Visit our random combinations page where you'll find random pairings of adjectives and nouns. Try to interpret the combinations, see if they awaken new possibilities for you. If you keep clicking the "generate another pair" button on the page, it will keep generating new combinations. If you see something you really like, jot it down along with the idea it prompted.

Sleeping Furiously
Not quite as much fun as our adjective-noun combination page, but if you click the "generate another pair" button a few times, you'll probably stumble on a random verb-adverb combination that will get you thinking.

Portmanteau Words
Portmanteau words mash together the sounds and meanings of two other words. Some paint vivid mental pictures, such as Lewis Carroll's slithy toves who are lithe and slimy at the same time. Others just descibe things, such as smog (a blend of smoke and fog), infomercial (a lengthy commercial chock-full of product information), and Reaganomics (the Reagan-era, trickle-down economic policy). Visit our Pormanteau word page and dash off your own creatively novel blend.

One classic creativity test asks people to think about the consequences of an unusual event or situation. Head off to our "consequences" page and send us your ideas about this month's situation.

Oxymoron Story Starter
Many creative people say that combining opposites is a good way to come up with original ideas. What could be more opposite than the words in an oxymoron, such as loud silence, sad happiness. Use our oxymoron starter to come up with a creative story line.

Design a New Sport
The world can always use another athletic activity. Here's your chance to design a new one. Please jump to our new sport page and let us know what your ideal sport would be like.