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My own blog hard to peg, partly because I bounce between research and applications of creativity, but mostly because my mind works in strange ways. I’m often drawn to unusual ideas and simply need to mull them over. I’ve decided to make some of those musings public, for what they’re worth.


James Kaufman has a nice collection of both personal observations and scholarly reflections on a wide range of creativity related topics.


Scott Barry Kaufman (no relation to James but equally astute) highlights findings from the primary literature and other sources, with a special focus on creativity, personality, giftedness and education. I owe Scott thanks for an especially nice post on The Controlled Chaos of Creativity that featured the Geneplore model of creativity from my work with Steve Smith and Ron Finke.


Will Tumonis of Swaycraft covers a range of topics related to cognition and creativity with insightful observations and perspectives. I especially thank him for his reflections on a chapter I wrote on What’s Old About New Ideas.


Douglas Eby takes on interesting aspects of creativity including moods, emotions and states.


There are also loads of good blogs on ways to behave more creatively, such as Linda Naiman, founder of Creativity at Work, and TheCreativityPost. And of course there is the remarkable listing of a multitude of blogs and other sources at CreativeBoom, whose mission is “to celebrate, inspire and support the creative community – championing both emerging and established artists, designers, photographers and makers across the world.


I have only given a sampling here and don’t mean to slight any of the good thinkers out there who have informative creativity blogs. If you know of one I should link to, please let me know at